Thomas Geuken

Author, speaker and business thought leader

Geuken TEDx Oslo

Geuken TEDx Oslo

Oprah Winfrey visited Copenhagen back in 2010 – the capital of the world’s happiest people. Home of danish design, VESTAS wind turbines and the fairytales of H.C. Andersen. Like President Bill Clinton, Oprah too discovered “the Scandinavian model” and called it “an inspiration for governments and business life” and “pioneers of economical and social change”.

Many people now realize that capitalism is mutating. Nations, companies and people is being transformed by the tsunami of accelerated change.”

Geuken is an author, speaker and business thought leader. He is a state-certified business psychologist, associated Director of research at Copenhagen Institute for future studies and ex. music studio & production company owner.

For the last 5 years, Geuken has also been one of the most sought after management speakers in Scandinavia. He spoke at M.I.T.’s TED Oslo conference and D.A. Chambers of Commerce in New York about the topic: What all managers need to know about how rock bands work!

Geukens´ Scandinavian landmark book “All Dressed Up – but nowhere to go” gave voice to an entire generation of European startups after the crash of Geuken’s alternative organizational framework showed how passionate leaders could fuse their business by turning idealism and progressive culture into huge commercial success.

Geuken speaks about the different winning agendas for tomorrows companies. He appears on the progressive underground business-scene as well as the well-established one.

Over the past fifteen years, Geuken has authored 20 provocative articles about the future of leadership, the trajectories between arts, culture and business and other fascinating leadership topics. Geuken’s ambition is to illuminate the blind spots of business.

Geuken has interviewed some of the most inspiring creative people in the world in his Q&A series “Small thoughts… big impact” published exclusively in the award winning Scenario Magazine.

As a consultant and management educator, Geuken has worked for companies such as Volvo, Ikea, Leo Burnett, Novo Nordic, Novozymes, Ferring, Google, Chambers of Commerce (DA/US), United Nations Development Programs, Sony Music, The government of Denmark and Norway.

Geuken speaks frequently at the most prestigious management conferences in Scandinavia, and is a regular contributor to media outlets. He has also advised government leaders on matters such as innovation, entrepreneurship, megatrends and competitiveness.

Geuken’s newest book Rock ‘n’ roll leadership (published ultimo 2010 in Scandinavia) released in United States 2013.

Geuken is currently doing keynote speaks and company events in Europe

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Celebritivism – #metoo’s serves as a window in the tomorrows landscape of politics

Genophobia – Angst for discovering your genetic dispositions.

Rock’n’roll leadership
 – Leadership in the 21st century is about balancing people’s need for security and ambiguity in their work. The organizations of the future will move away from the structured formalities toward a more improvisational structure, and management will no l…

All Dressed Up Inc. – 
Welcome to a world in which companies and media have the power.

To be in good company – “To be in good company.” That’s what it’s about in the company of the future.

 – On May 12, 2017: the anti-leadership law today puts an end to companies’ possibilities to violate the individual’s right of self-determination.

Space seeking place – a place-less place?– The place is critical to our construct of identity and culture, and the virtual world is a space – not a place.

The Convenient Fallacy of the Role of Psychology in the Financial Crisis – The use of psychological terms by economists is effectively contributing to holding the wrong people responsible for the financial crisis.

Game society – next generation
 -The virtual worlds face massive immigration. Many believe digital games push people into an unhealthy lifestyle, but aren’t the real world’s lifestyles already unhealthy?

Small Thoughts from an Animal Mind
 – In my quest for the answer to how people will organize themselves in the future, I personally usually look to sociologists and anthropologists.

Small Thoughts from an Innovative Mind
 – Small Thoughts: In each issue of FO, Thomas Geuken, a CIFS associate and industrial psychologist, has a conversation about that issue’s theme with the world’s most creative and future-oriented leaders.

Small Thoughts from a Beautiful Mind: Artful Leadership
 – “Small Thoughts” is a new type of article in Fremtidsorientering. In each issue, you will get a ringside seat for conversations between Thomas Geuken, business psychologist and associated employee at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, an…

Lab Industries – 
Knowledge Lab, Innovation Lab, Learning Lab Denmark, Family Lab, FabLab (MIT) is just some of the dominating Lab companies in a emergent industry of tomorrows business-consulting landscape.

Leadership from behind
 – A new management model is gaining ground in globally-oriented, growth-hungry companies.

Drop Zones 2017 – 
May 12, 2007: It was a big day for Sony Playstation IV, Biohazard, which was launched globally through the new commercial drop zones in all major cities around the world.

The D.C. “swamp” – Energy policy and climate change are two of the many challenges facing Barack Obama.

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